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A beginning

So this is the inaugural post of my new blog/personal homepage.

For now this is a super simple site; it’s a bog standard Jekyll install with the lovely simple Poole theme as a base.

I’m liking Jekyll a lot so far, Markdown’s always easy to write & having git versioning the content of the site feels comfortable & fits in with what I’m used to. The fact that everything is simple html/sass/js gives a pleasant feeling of being in control of all aspects of the site (although I guess that means I have only myself to blame for poor markup and layout).

Having had a look around some other blogs my favourite Jekyll based one I’ve seen so far is @mdo’s; the lean, simple look is what I’m trying to emulate here. Poole is one of @mdo’s own themes, so I got a pretty good leg up from him right from the start!

Thoughts for future things I may add:

  • Better homepage/posts list
  • Comments system - probably Disqus
  • ‘About me’ page & header links